D80130 SS-Panzer-Divison Das Reich MG42 Gunner Dustin

d80130  SS-Panzer-Divison Das Reich MG42 Gunner Dustin

Brief Introduction

Remember the MG34 gunner team last year? It consists of D80124 Alois, D80125 Bradric and D80127 Curtis.

In 1942, MG42 was developed to intend to replace MG34, for its lower cost and easy to build. And it was proved to be highly reliable and easy to operate. It is most notable for its very high cyclic rate for a gun using full power service cartridges, averaging about 1200 rounds per minute. The distinctive sound caused by the high cyclic firing rate gave MG42 the nickname “Hitler’s buzzsaw”.

A metal highly-detailed MG42 replica in 1/6 scale is included in D80130, carried by Dustin. Instead of shouting at the enemies like Alois, The man is calm but firm, who makes you feel horrible.

Full Part List


  • Super realistic headsculpt
  • Body
  • Open palms
  • Palms for holding gun


  • M35 helmet w/ inner liner and weathering
  • M42 Field Tunic
  • M40 fur-lined pullover parka
  • Camo trousers
  • Grey German toque
  • Belt
  • Y straps
  • Gloves
  • Boots


  • Shovel (Wood & Metal) with covers (real leather)
  • Gasmask canister
  • Tool kit case
  • Bread bag
  • Canteen


  • MG42 machine gun with bullet chain, drum magazine and barrel
  • P38 pistol with holster made of real leather
  • Grenade with wooden handle
  • K98 bayonet with scabbard and sheath


  • Collar tabs x 2
  • Iron cross 2nd class ribbon x1
  • shoulder boards x 2
  • Sleeve eagles x 1
  • Black cuff title


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