D80124 3rd SS Panzer Division MG34 Gunner Alois

D80124  3rd SS Panzer Division MG34 Gunner Alois

Brief Introduction

Alois was shouting at the enemy, with MG34 machine gun shooting at them. Look at the expression of hatred on his face, you could see what a fierce battle it is.

As the gunner team leader, Alois was in charge of keeping and using the MG34. Meanwhile, there are two assistant gunners Baldric and Curtis in the team.

MG34 was light enough to be carried by one man and high rate of fire (of up to 900 rounds / min) was unmatched. It was considered as the most advanced machine gun in the world at that time.

Full Part List


  1. Super realistic shouting headsculpt
  2. Body
  3. Open palms
  4. Palms for holding gun


  1. M42 Uniform
  2. Camo trousers
  3. M35 helmet w/ inner liner and camo cover
  4. Grey gloves
  5. Grey scarf
  6. Y straps and Belt
  7. Gaiters
  8. M44 boots (brown)


  1. Tool kit
  2. Canteen
  3. Bread bag


  1. MG 34 machine gun with bullet chain and drum magazine
  2. K98 bayonet with scabbard and sheath
  3. P38 pistol with holster (Genuine leather)


  1. Collar tabs X 2
  2. Wound Badge in black
  3. Sleeve eagle x 1
  4. Long Service Chevron x 1
  5. Black cuff title

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