Chicago Gangster II Robert T80101

T80101 Chicago Gangster II – Robert 

Full Part List

1 Two authentic headsculpts
2 One New all-era body with three pairs of hands

3 Two shirts (black collared & white collared)
4 Two ties (Brown & beige)
5 One vest
6 One overcoat
7 One pair of trousers
8 One pair of suspenders
9 One pair of gloves
10 One flat cap
11 One pair of socks
12 One pair of leather dress shoes

13 One die-cast revolver w/ wrapper cloth
14 Six bullets
15 One die-cast dagger

16 One ring
17 One pocket watch
18 One pair of sunglasses
19 One dog walking cane
20 One cigarette

Please note that the chair and table, the lamp, the dog and the telephone are not included in T80101.

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