A80116 2nd Armored Division Military Police Bryan

Brief Introduction

Bryan was a military police in 2nd Armored Division. He was responsible for maintaining security on the military posts in addition to law enforcement duties. Sometimes, he also needs to assist in escort and protection of convoys and to direct traffic.

With his MP helmet on the head, Bryan was patrolling around soldiers’ relaxing zone. He brought a baton, whistle with chain and angle-head flashlight to stop every potential fight. If they didn’t work, he took out his Thompson M1 SMG to shoot towards the sky to terrify the initiators. After that he would report to the seniors using EEA-8, which was kept in a real leather case.

Product Review

Photo review by Shahzad Bhiwandiwala

Full Part List


  • One super realistic headsculpt
  • One body
  • One pair of open palms
  • One pair of relaxed palms
  • One pair of palms for holdling machine gun


  • One M41 field jacket
  • One pair of pants
  • One shirt
  • One scarf
  • One tie
  • One belt
  • One X belt suspender
  • One pair of M43 buckle boots (made of genuine leather)


  • One Thompson M1 SMG with three clips (One of them could be insert with 5 bullets)
  • One M1911 pistol with a clip
  • One dagger with sheath


  • One EE8-A with genuine leather case
  • One baton
  • One whistle with chain
  • One MP helmet
  • One angle head flashlight
  • One holster (made of genuine leather)
  • One Thompson 5-pocket ammunition pouch
  • One M1911 mag pouch
  • One pair of goggles
  • One pair of sunglasses
  • One canteen with cover
  • One First Aid pouch


  • One MP brassard
  • Two 2nd Armored division patches
  • Two Sergeant Chevron Patches

Motorbike is NOT included.

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