A80115 29th Infantry Division Radio Operator Paul banner

A80115S 29th Infantry Division Radio Operator Paul 

Brief Introduction

Paul served as a radio operator in in 29th Infantry Division. He was on mission with a SCR-300 radio transceiver on his back.

Paul is equipped with a highly detailed metal SCR-300 which includes all the component parts and can be dissembled. He wore a Mackinaw coat and brought a M1 carbine.

Full Part List


  • One super realistic headsculpt
  • One body
  • One pair of open palms
  • One pair of relaxed palms
  • One pair of palms for holdling M1 carbine


  • One sweater
  • One pair of pants
  • One Mackinaw Coat
  • One pair of woolen gloves
  • One woolen cap
  • One scarf
  • One pair of M43 buckle boots (made of genuine leather)


  • One M1 carbine with three clips
  • One bayonet with sheath and woven hanger



  • SCR-300 includes below
  1.    Radio receiver and transimitter BC-1000-A
  2.    Case CS-128-A
  3.    Headset HS-30
  4.    Handset TS-15
  5.    Antenna AN-131-A
  6.    Pad M-391-A
  7.    Harness ST-54-A
  8.    Belt ST-55-A
  9.    Strap ST-50-A
  • One helmet
  • One M1 mag pouch
  • One canteen with cover
  • One First Aid kit pouch


  • Two 29th Infantry Division Patches
  • Two Corporal Chevron Patches

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