SF80003B 1:12 Palm Hero Simply Fun Series - The Blue Team Baseballer

SF80003B 1/12 Palm Hero Simply Fun Series 

The Blue Team Baseballer

Brief Introduction

We are excited to introduce another sports figure in the 1/12 Palm Hero Simply Fun Series, the Baseballer (SF80003)! This figure, with its exceptional articulation and precise detailing, offers an unparalleled fun experience.

Baseball, an Anglo-American sport originating in the early 19th century, became extremely popular in the United States with the formation and development of professional leagues, eventually becoming the nation’s pastime. Its unique batting and base-running style captivated fans globally, making it a popular sport in many countries and regions. International events like the World Baseball Classic have garnered global attention.

The 1/12 Baseballer we bring to you has the following features:

1. Two classic colors: The White Team (SF80003W) is accented with red, while the Blue Team (SF80003B) showcases classic blue and white colors. Each color version has its unique charm. Choose your team!

2. Highly articulated body: Each joint is meticulously designed to ensure maximum flexibility, allowing your baseballer to recreate any classic baseball pose.

3. Diverse Palm Designs: In addition to a pair of relaxed palms, the figure also includes two pairs of palms specifically designed for baseballer. These consist of one pair gloved palms for holding the bat and another pair for catching and throwing the ball (left hand with a baseball glove, right hand for gripping the ball), allowing your baseballer to display a variety of in-game poses. Combining the gears of both the pitcher and the batsman.

4. DIY custom headsculpt: Unleash your creativity to craft a unique baseball player. Each figure is a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

5. Comprehensive equipment: Whether on the White or Blue Team, each baseball player comes equipped with distinctively colored baseball caps, helmets, jerseys, pants, shoes, as well as a black bat and baseball. Every piece of equipment is meticulously crafted with rich details.

Join our baseball lineup now, pick your team, and bring your baseball dreams to life in your palm! This is more than just a figure; it’s a tribute to the passion for baseball and a display of your unique personality. Don’t wait any longer, own your baseballer today, and create a vibrant and creative world of baseball that’s uniquely yours

Full Part List

1 Headsculpt
2 1/12 Palm Hero Series body
3 Left palm X 1 + Right palm X 1
4 Gloved palm X 1 pair
5 Left palm with baseball gloves x 1+ Right palm for holding ball x 1
6 Blue baseball helmet
7 Blue baseball cap
8 Blue baseball jersey
9 White baseball pants
10 Baseball belt
11 Blue baseball shoes
12 Black baseball bat
13 Baseball

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