101st Airborne Division-Ryan special edition A80097S


101st Airborne Division – Ryan special edition  

Full Part List

1 One lifelike headsculpt
2 One New all-era body
3 Three pairs of hands
4 One round neck T-shirt
5 One set of Paratroopers uniform
6 Four storage bags
7 One backpack
8 One dagger with leather cover
9 One shovel with cover
10 One trousers suspender
11 One belt
12 One canteen with pocket
13 One helmet with helmet net
14 One flashlight
15 One metal bazooka with 2 shells
16 Two grenades
17 Three styles of insignias
18 One MI Garand rifle with five clips(8 hold)and one bayonet
19 One pair of leather boots

All spare parts are with special vivid weathered effect.

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