DID Photo And Video Contest

To celebrate the coming of the new year, we are inviting photographers and video makers to join us in our photo and video contest.


The contest is held on Dec 1st and end on Dec 31st 2021. By submitting an entry, the contestant agrees to the rules of the contest.

Who may enter:
The contest is open to worldwide photographers or video makers who love action figure.

Contents to enter:
The image or video of DID action figures

Rules of the contest:
1. All photos and videos must be original, taken by the contestant. Photos or videos that violate or infringe upon another person’s rights, including but not limited to copyright, are not eligible.

2. All submitted photos must be full size and contain the original EXIF metadata information.

3. Please make a name for your photos and write a description for your videos.

4. The number of entries is not limited. The format of the video can be wmv, mov, mp4. The length of the video should not exceed 15 mins. And the resolution is not less than 1080P.

5. DID reserves the right to reproduce, reprint, distribute, display and exhibit the contents for advertising, publishing and promotional purposes on our website, social medias and in any other forms.

6. All entries will not be returned.

How to enter:
By finishing the following TWO steps:

1. All entries must be submitted to one of the social medias below:
· Facebook and tag @DIDPage
· Instagram and tag @didcorp
· Youtube and share the link to Facebook and tag @DIDPage

2. All entries (original images with EXIF data) must be submitted to fb@did.co with the title and description of the entry, the name and social media of the contestant and country/region.

Entry deadline:
All entries must be received by December 31, 2021.

Entries will be judged on the basis of shooting technique, creativity and aesthetics. We will make preliminary selection among the submitted piece, selecting the finalists in both photo and video categories. All finalists and winners will be announced on DID social media on Jan 6 2022.

Champion: 1 winner in each of the photo and video categories
Prize: One NA001, worth $299.99

Runner-up: 1 winner in each of the photo and video categories
Prize: One D80151, worth $183.99

Second runner-up: 1 winner in each of the photo and video categories
Prize: One A80150, worth $169.99

Fourth to tenth place: 7 winners each in the photo and video groups
Prizes: One of the below PalmHero products by random.
XD80004, worth $81.99
XA80010, worth $89.99

All the finalists will get a DID special gift.

Prizes and gifts will be shipped not later than January 13th.

DID reserve the right for the final interpretation of the rules on this event.






  • 参赛作品均要求为原创作品,一经发现剽窃,当即取消参赛资格。
  • 摄影作品均要求带有EXIF数据的原图。
  • 摄影作品均要求附带作品名称,视频作品需要写一个创作综述。
  • 摄影作品提交数量不限,视频作品格式wmv、mov、mp4均可,时长在15分钟之内,分辨率不低于1080P。
  • 主办单位有权在其它活动中无偿使用参赛照片和视频 (包括但不仅限于通过纸媒体、网络、自媒体等方式进行传播及发表),拍摄者拥有投稿作品的署名权。
  • 所有参赛作品均不予退稿。


  • 上传到以下其中一种社交媒体平台

      1、上传到微博并@ DID官方微博(DID_Corp)


      3、上传到Bilibili网站,转发动态并@DID Bilibili官方账号(DIDCorp)

  • 发送至邮箱fb@did.co (摄影作品为带有EXIF数据的原图),并附上作品名称和简述、投稿人姓名、国家/地区以及投稿人相关的社交媒体账号信息。



   (一)投稿时间: 即日起到2021年12月31日

   (二)获奖名单公布时间: 2022年1日7日

  (三)奖品寄出时间: 2022年1日14日之前



  •      冠     军:摄影组和视频组各1名

         奖     品:NA001一个,价值 RMB 2067元

  •      亚     军:摄影组和视频组各1名

         奖     品:D80151一个,价值 RMB 1193元

  •      季     军:摄影组和视频组各1名

         奖     品:A80150一个,价值RMB 1116元

  •      第四到第十名:摄影组和视频组各7名

         奖     品:以下1/12掌上英雄系列产品一个,随机分发。

         XD80004,价值RMB 550元

         XA80010,价值RMB 581



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